MS is The Devil: Lavish Laoag

Swankchild’s dad had wanderlust over the holidays and decided that we should spend some time in the North. So, a few days after Christmas, my little brood took a 12-hour traffic laden trip to Ilocos Norte. It really doesn’t take that long anymore. But we left mid-morning and got caught in the brunt of traffic. On the positive side, SD let me drive the car in the SCTEX-TPLEX super highways. I drove fast…very unlike “mommy” me.

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MS is The Devil: The Lechon Metamorphosis

lechonChristmas is certainly the most joyous season for everyone…except the pigs. What is a Christmas season without a slaughter of the swines? That’s an awful way to put, but it’s true. Think back on all the parties you attended these last weeks; didn’t all of them have a dead pig sprawled on the table?

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Martha Stewart is The Devil

Back in 1991, a remake of Father of the Bride was released starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. Every daughter fell in love with this movie. I was no exception. At the time, I truly believed that I was a daddy’s girl as much as any frustrated delinquent could be. So, this movie touched a soft spot in me. But I fell in love with this movie for many other reasons, not the least of which was the aesthetics. Father of The Bride had elegant domesticity down pat. I never saw the original film that starred Elizabeth Taylor. I’m sure it was perfect as all things Liz Taylor are.   But for the remake, Kimberly Williams disclosed that the set designers were obsessed with Martha Stewart. Everything in the movie was straight out of all Martha Stewart Media: Martha Stewart Living, Catering, Weddings, Food, Crafting, EVERYTHING. So, I checked out her stuff and true enough, her stuff is phenomenal. Her living rooms were so beautiful that I don’t think any guests would want to sit anywhere for fear they’d mess up a ruffle.

This was out of the set of Father of The Bride. wasn’t it breathtaking? (no copyright infringement intended)

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Resolutions: My Personal List of 2015’s Future Frustrations:

I’m hoping that if I put it out in cyberspace, it will, like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, either bring me fame or shame me into working.  Either way, I hope it makes for a productive year (Again, much like the tape has brought Kim K’s annual income to astounding mind-boggling digits.)

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SwankChild’s Yaya Saga (9)…Love, Lust and Lies…

Well, what do you know? I come out of a long literary hiatus and what would be the first thing I write about in my neglected blog? Yep, another installment of The Yaya Saga. As much as it is the most entertaining series I have, I really wish I didn’t have so many Yaya stories.   It only means that I have not yet found the proverbial lid to my pot (the analogy stuck around, even if my driver didn’t). Continue reading “SwankChild’s Yaya Saga (9)…Love, Lust and Lies…”

The Social Climber Chronicles (9)…Buying Bohol Sites

Day 2

The second day is always devoted to the tourist-ey things that we feel compelled to do whenever we are in some place for the first time. We didn’t get enough research done, but we decided on 5 destinations to visit on our “Tourist Day”: The Blood Compact Commemoration Site, Baclayon Church, The Tarsiers Sanctuary, Chocolate Hills (of course), and The Bohol Bee Farm.

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The Social Climber Chronicles (8)…Buying Bohol 1

I always wanted to visit Bohol.  The last few years have given Bohol a tourism hype as Philippine’s Big Secret, The Virgin Boracay of 15 years ago.  The many friends I had that had gone before me all came back with high praises. They also had those hills that look like giant Kisses.  Man, if Hershey made kisses those size, I would climb to the top and eat my way to sea level.  That’s an awesome daydream

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