SwankChild’s Yaya Saga (9)…Love, Lust and Lies…

Well, what do you know? I come out of a long literary hiatus and what would be the first thing I write about in my neglected blog? Yep, another installment of The Yaya Saga. As much as it is the most entertaining series I have, I really wish I didn’t have so many Yaya stories.   It only means that I have not yet found the proverbial lid to my pot (the analogy stuck around, even if my driver didn’t). Continue reading

The Social Climber Chronicles (9)…Buying Bohol Sites

Day 2

The second day is always devoted to the tourist-ey things that we feel compelled to do whenever we are in some place for the first time. We didn’t get enough research done, but we decided on 5 destinations to visit on our “Tourist Day”: The Blood Compact Commemoration Site, Baclayon Church, The Tarsiers Sanctuary, Chocolate Hills (of course), and The Bohol Bee Farm.

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The Social Climber Chronicles (8)…Buying Bohol 1

I always wanted to visit Bohol.  The last few years have given Bohol a tourism hype as Philippine’s Big Secret, The Virgin Boracay of 15 years ago.  The many friends I had that had gone before me all came back with high praises. They also had those hills that look like giant Kisses.  Man, if Hershey made kisses those size, I would climb to the top and eat my way to sea level.  That’s an awesome daydream

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The Social Climber Chronicles (7)…A Chilly Comeback.

Hello, ladies. I’m sorry I haven’t touched base in a while. I had to go on a long hiatus to take care of “non-frivolous” things. I’m glad to report that my little venture has been successful and I look forward to telling everyone about my “adventure”. But I missed telling you about my many junkets during the hiatus. I will find time to fill you in later on. (My boyfriend says I keep making that promise but I post so sporadically, the blog almost seems like a semi-annual magazine. Pfft. Well, if he wanted me to write more, he should take me out of the city more.)

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