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Kimberly Taylor

Hi! I’m the founder of Tiny Leaf, an online plant delivery business founded on the premise that plants make people happy.

Long Live the Queen

I didn’t ask about Cap. I didn’t want to know. Maybe if I took a page out of Cap’s book and I didn’t ask, I wouldn’t have to live with the awful truth and how cruel I was in the end.


The first time I took the vitals of a patient in an outside rotation, a resident ridiculed my stethoscope.  It was my stethoscope even before I was a medical student.  It brought me luck even though it was a stethoscope that came with the sphygmomanometer.  The resident asked me why my “stet” was the same…

Swankywoman Does Singapore November 2023: The Tempest

Marital spats are almost never like the way they are in the movies.  You must be together for at least a decade and legally bound to each other to say the most horrible things that stem from the most innocuous matters and still be assured that you will make it out in the end, whether you…